Mr. Shanil Nanayakkara | Non-Executive Director, Crigen Resources Limited

Mr. Nanayakkara has over 20 years’ senior management experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom providing corporate entities with turnkey solutions to establish and expand operations, both in Australia and overseas. He is experienced in effecting positive organisational change and increasing profitability whilst maintaining core values within a business. Drawing on his previous successes, he continues to provide strategic guidance in relation to the Australian operations of numerous significant international businesses. His guidance spans initial setup phase to longer term growth and expansion phases.

Procuring high value contracts between government and the private sector is a key area of his success. Mr Nanayakkara has negotiated and secured major projects, including direct negotiations with a foreign government on behalf of a multinational developer to provide an airport and transport hub with associated infrastructure in a state significant contract. He has also successfully managed the submission of multimillion dollar government tenders for two distinctly different commercial operations and successfully negotiated with an Australian Government Department, securing a 160% increase in funding for a commercial client. This was the second increase in funding secured in consecutive financial years, an achievement made more notable with the backdrop of significant cuts delivered in the Federal Budget.

Over the years, Mr Nanayakkara has helped safeguard businesses in commercial and financial difficulty across a range of industries (including legal, financial services and construction), implementing and managing rescue plans, and ultimately seeing them flourish. Mr Nanayakkara co-founded Australian Presence Legal, a boutique commercial law firm based in Sydney. Mr Nanayakkara will continue to serve as a director of Australian Presence Legal, following his appointment by the Company.

Drawing from his experience in the legal, commercial and government sectors, Mr Nanayakkara will carry out negotiations, prepare and manage tenders and oversee acquisitions and joint ventures made by the Company.

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