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Crigen Resources Berhad (CRB), One of Malaysia’s well known wellness company was founded in 2003 and has grown to 7 wellness outlets in Malaysia. It has grown to 2 associate companies that span across a wide cross-section of the Malaysian economy today that supports CRB business.

Listed on 1exchange Singapore in July 2020, in which Dennis Tan and Cynthia are the major shareholders and founders of the company, the company has total assets approximately RM 10mil and employed more than 100 employees.

Today the CRB’s business interests are focused in five key business area namely, Aesthetics, Meridian, ECP, Body Therapy, Wellness & SPA supplies and Wellness Property.

Chairman & Managing Director’s Statement

Dear Shareholder,


2020 is a tough year for many of us. The Company’s performance is severely impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and as result we lost significant revenue acquisition opportunity. Despite the fact that we maintain our revenue almost equivalent to FY2019 financial result, the Company recorded a small profit for the financial year.

At the back of this, we successfully listed on 1exchange

Board of Directors

Last updated on July 2020

Mr. Dennis Tan

Mr. Dennis Tan

Founder & Managing Director, Crigen Resources
Ms. Cynthia Tong

Ms. Cynthia Tong

Founder & Operation Director, Crigen Resources
Mr. Chris Daniel Wong

Mr. Chris Daniel Wong

Co-Founder & Corporate Affairs Director, Crigen Resources and Danai Spa

Stock Quotes

CRB: SGD$1.98
% Change: 212.9%
Day’s Range: 1.98
52 Weeks’ Range: 1.98 Updated: 28 September 2021


FY Result Ended 30 June 2020

Revenue (million) – 5,750
Profit/(loss) before tax (million) – 519

Profit/(loss) for the period (‘000) – 390

Financial Performance

As on 2020


Other Financial Statistics


Shareholder details

Corporate Governance

This Corporate Governance Overview Statement sets out the principal features of Crigen Resources Berhad (CRB or the Company) for its corporate governance approach, summary of corporate governance practices during the financial year as well as key focus areas and future priorities in relation to corporate governance.

The Corporate Governance Overview Statement will be made after the full disclosure of FY2020 before 31 December 2020.

Board Charter

The Board of Directors of CRB regard Corporate Governance as a very important component of the Company’s business. We are committed to apply a high standard of good governances in all of the Company business dealings in respect of our shareholders and relevant stakeholders.

The Board is the main point of the governance system to the Company. The board is ultimately responsible for the performance of the Company.
Board members is expected to act professionally upholding integrity value to their responsibilities and fiduciary duties and responsibilities.
For achieving a high level of good governance, every board members are committed to this ongoing responsibilities.

The Board Charter shall constitute, and form, an integral part of each Director’s duties and responsibilities.

Director Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Directors’ Code of Ethics and Conduct shall serve as formal commitment for the Board of Directors (“Board” or “Board members”) of Crigen Resources Berhad (“the Company”) to conduct themselves in an honest, fair, diligent and ethical manner.


  • Established Crigen Accor

    OEM for haircare & sanitising products

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