Dear Shareholder,

Firstly, I want to thank the National Stock Exchange (NSX), Australia and its Board for the listing approval. Indeed, this institution is an enabler, allowing companies, to tap the capital markets so that they can continue to grow and expand. I commend the NSX team by keeping your doors wide open for smaller companies like Crigen Resources Limited, the brand owner of Danai Medi-Wellness to be listed in NSX, Australia.

While today represents a major milestone for our company, we first want to acknowledge just how challenging the last 2 years have been. The world has undergone one of its most difficult and isolating times in modern history. But what has emerged from these challenges is a renewed sense of the importance of our health and wellness.

The world’s health has greatly advanced in the past century. A large part of the world’s population now has access to clean water and better sanitation. Medicine can now cure or improve many conditions that crippled or killed people only decades ago. However, human health continues to confront serious threats, especially through non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes are responsible for up to 74% deaths globally.

Universally, across cultures, ages, and languages, we are meant to have a productive and fulfilling life. We are nothing without good health. Thriving well with a healthy body and mind are the foundation of a happy life, and this challenging pandemic has reminded us of that truth more than ever before. That’s been Danai’s driving force, every day, since we started, and will continue to fuel us as we embark on being a public company.

To every single one of our team members at Danai who’ve joined us on this journey, no matter how long or short your tenure, thank you for helping us build this company into what it is today. Your hard work, dedication, and passion has made this possible.

To our partners at Australia Presence Legal, for being with us on this journey, we thank you for your tireless dedication. Our utmost appreciation to Indian Ocean capital for sponsoring this listing. Unfortunately, our Australian Director, Graham Steer, is unable to be with us as he is unwell, we wish him speedy recovery and thanks for all your advice and effort working towards the listing To all our ambassadors, friends, families, supporters, partners, board members, and shareholders, we are truly grateful for all your support.

So today is day one of our commitment to our community and shareholders to build our long-term vision: to build the future of health through clinically proven wellness treatments. This listing is a major stepping stone for our growth in Australia, Danai will be strongly focused on medical wellness sector, while understanding that it is highly regulated in Australia, is not dissimilar with the industry in Malaysia.

We look forward to the issuing of prospectus 6 months from this listing, and with our partner’s exceptional assistance, we hope for a successful fundraising for our emergence and expansion in the
Australia market. We’re humbled and grateful to be with you today. In closing, let me end with this quote to brighten your day: He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.

Mr. Dennis Tan
Managing Director
Crigen Resources Ltd.