Mr. Chris Daniel Wong | Co-Founder & Corporate Affairs Director, Crigen Resources

He was appointed as the Corporate Affairs Director of Crigen Resources in 2016. Wong has over 10 years of experience in providing corporate restructuring, business development and capital raising strategies, serving as the lead advisor for several Malaysian companies embarking on initial public offering (IPO) listings in Bursa Malaysia, the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) and private listing in 1exchange (1X) Singapore.

Having joined in 2016, Wong has spearheaded several fundraising and listing projects for Danai Spa, including the ongoing project to list the company on Singapore’s first private securities exchange, 1X, dubbed the third board in Singapore. He is also advising the company on its long-term plan of an IPO on the ASX.

Wong is also the founder of CoMetro Capital & Private Equity, a company incorporated in 2013. Wong also led merger and acquisition exercise between Crigen Resources and a Malaysia-based property construction company in 2018 to develop properties based on health and wellness themes, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Crigen Resources is also now operating as a health and wellness property developer.

Wong is currently the President of Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce. He is also a partner to Max Capital Holdings Ltd, a global venture and private equity company where he co-founded the Global Investment Community (GIC). He is trained in Finance Accounting by Harvard Business School.

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